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ALKAL8 water was created with the knowledge and experience that an active lifestyle, proper hydration and nutrition are the fundamentals to a healthy, happy and balanced life.


We strive to help people be their best; physically and mentally. Hence our mantra "ALKAL8 YOUR MIND & BODY". With improved hydration & health, we believe people can perform Better, Stronger, Harder and Longer in whatever they set their mind to.


Our mission is to deliver a ultra-hydrating and truly healthy alkaline water to anyone and everyone, especially those that demand the purest water available. Alkal8 believes in only using water sources created by Mother Nature. Natural minerals help keep the body hydrated & alert during any type of activity. With nothing added, there are no tricks and no gimmicks, just refreshing pure Alkal8 water.


We are committed to helping local communities, outreach programs, charities and those that drive a positive change in the world. 


We believe that by starting local and making an impact we can spread further and faster and make a larger impact. 


We all know water is a necessity to life and we believe that giving back and serving our community is also. 


Our employees, influencers and athletes are what drives our mission.They connect with our customers and are passionate about helping people be their best.


We’re always on the lookout for inspirational & inspired people who bring energy and passion to our world of water. Do you have big ideas? Are you driven by a healthy and active lifestyle? Do you like connecting with people and inspiring others? If this sounds like you, Contact us and introduce yourself.

We love meeting like minded, positive people!

"Through collaboration with local communities, outreach programs, and charities, we strive to help, support, and foster infrastructure that directly benefits those in need."
Alkal8 water Bottle
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